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"What if I told you that some individuals are born without a soul and have to wander for thousands and thousands of years searching for a way to fill that void."

A stranger comes to the small town of Horshoe, promising rain. A child vanishes. And then another and another. But the townspeople are dazzled by magic mirrors and dreams of a green future. The only one who sees through the stranger's mesmerism is Robert, a boy on the cusp of manhood. A boy who must somehow confront the stranger.

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  • Winner of:

    • The 2001 Governor General's Award for Children's Literature
    • The 2001 Saskatchewan Book Award for Children's Literature
    • The 2002 Mr. Christie's Book Award
    • Nominated for the 2004 Edgar Award
    • Nominated for a JHUNT Award

    Canadian DustCanadian Dust

    This is the Canadian and American cover of DUST

    "Read the riveting first chapter of Dust, and you're already past the point of no return. Arthur Slade writes with the grace and power of a hypnotist, and you won't be able to put this book down. It's sensational."

    Kenneth Oppel, author of Silverwing

    "Heartbreakingly beautiful as well as just heartbreaking."

    The Globe and Mail

    "This unusual, well-written story will definitely exercise readers' imaginations."

    School Library Journal * starred review

    "This beautifully written novel...features strong character development, an authentic setting, and some genuinely spooky moments. It could well deserve award considerations."

    Voya * starred review

    "Well-chosen imagery, skillfully crafted sentences, and a remarkably effective sense of atmosphere distinguish Slade's work."

    Kirkus Reviews * starred review

    "Slade sustains the hallucinatory, off-kilter tone of a prolonged nightmare right through the heroic climax."

    Publishers Weekly

    "A book that combines homespun storytelling with mystery and sophisticated metaphysical aspects that create multi-layered tension."

    The National Post

    "...a brilliantly-conceived novel...Tough, compassionate, clear-sighted and daring. The result is stunning."

    Governor General's Award Jury

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