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The Loki Wolf

About The Loki Wolf
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Welcome to the worldwide re-release of Northern Frights! Be very scared--be ebook scared! Just click on the links to the left and download to your ereader, iPod, iPad or other gizmo.

Cover of The Loki Wolf

The Loki Wolf

"On the third night the worst nightmare -- the very worst -- invaded my mind. Loping behind me was a gigantic wolf, its jaws snapping together and tearing off pieces of my flesh. There was no blood. No pain. But bit by bit he swallowed chunks of my body until nothing of Angela Laxness remained."

When Angie dreams about being devoured by a giant wolf, her parents tell her it is only her imagination. But later, while on a vacation in Iceland with her grandfather and two cousins, she begins to wonder if the dream wasn't a warning. First, there are strange scratches outside her window. Then she finds out that sheep have recently been disappearing from her uncle's farm. But it isn't until she and her cousins go to the old croft house that they discover the horrifying truth.

The Loki Wolf is a Northern Frights book, a series of novels based on Norse mythology. Draugr, the first book in the series, was nominated for a Saskatchewan Book Award and a Small Press Book Award. All three books have been well received by fans, teachers, and librarians.

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