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Welcome to the worldwide e-release of Shades!

Only .99 cents for a limited time.

This eBook contains 16 spine-tingling, thought-provoking, rib-tickling short stories!
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Cover of Shades


"Each morning my jaws ache. I stare in the mirror, looking at my teeth. The canines are longer. It's as though I've been chewing meat all night."

Stories include:
Stubb - a boy named Stubb will prove he's a werewolf one way or another.
Virtual Dragon - in the future Kung Fu movies will rule the box office and wars will be fought over the proceeds.
Jesus Busts A Bronc - a special appearance by Jesus at a small town rodeo. A miracle? And what is Judas doing there?
Bubbles: The Diary of Terrance Winslow - some neighbors are much, much worse than others.
Snow White and the Seven Elves - how to win the kingdom and look good while doing it.
Garbage Day - One never knows what's really in the garbage.