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Here Ye! Here Ye!

We're doing a graphic novel inspired by The Hunchback Assignments. Get your full colour hardcover by clicking the image below:

Cover of Empire of Ruins

Island of Doom: The Hunchback Assignments 4

The 4th and final book has been released worldwide! This one pulls out all the steampunk stops.

It's relentless!

Click here you goggled Canucks!

Click here you steampunky Americans!


Cover of Dust

Dust (the eBook)

Newly released in the U.S. and U.K. The classic supernatural novel, Dust. With a brand new cover. And extra scenes, too!

Fire up your eReaders!

Press here and be prepared to be dusted!

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Epidsode 15: Whoa, Dude, Where's my voice?
A "writing for young adults" podcast about finding your writing voice!

Learn and be amused!

Hear it now and change your life! [6min, 8Mb]

Watch and listen to the fancy M4A version! [6min, 8Mb]

You can also find the podcasts at: iTunes, under the podcast section, just search for Arthur Slade. Or set your iPodder software to:

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